Thursday, 22 January 2015

A Courageous Blind Young Man In Liberia Refuses To Quit

Hey! I want to share a video I found of a blind young man in Liberia! I cannot but respect such indomitable spirit of not quitting despite difficult circumstances. Please watch and share so that, hopefully, a music promoter will give this brave young man a chance!
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Thursday, 15 January 2015

Senior Teenager On The Prowl

I am fulfilling one item on my wish list. I have always wanted to travel across Europe by train again, after my teenage days misadventure! 
I was a language exchange student (courtesy University of Ibadan) in Toulouse, France. It was Christmas and I had lost the fare to enable me spend Xmas with my father in Berne. I was going to brave it alone in Toulouse. But by the next day of the start of holidays, the entire campus was empty! 
All went well except that I had taken a wrong connection somewhere and was heading towards Bonn instead of Berme. 
Let's hope I fare better this time! I am waiting departure, in the right coach and on the right platform!
La Belge, here I come! Yay!! 
And it is my very first Eurostar trip. 
For someone who pledged her entire year's earning, in her youth, to vouch for the Eurotunnel success, this is a very special day! 

Monday, 13 October 2014

My very LONG TIME AWAY from blogging!

I have been away locked in a fight with a doubled maze known as the Mental Health Service. Every effort to understand the service or structure has been defeated. It seems that the service countenances neither individual differences nor ethnic/cultural behaviours. In addition, medication has upper hand over counseling or cognitive behavioral therapy. I am away for 'workaliday' of two days to wind down and recharge! Fancy, work and being away from those supposed to make a person well has now become a better avenue for relaxation and wellness! 
This may well be the beginning of my bringing up hidden health issues that need to be discussed openly so that a solution can be found. 

Monday, 26 August 2013

Trying out my new Aweber form

How I spent an entire day creating an Aweber form that disappeared! I had an Internet guru help with another Aweber form that was spectacular. It looked so easy... and I felt so stupid!

Only problem now is that Aweber form has also disappeared!

So I have decided to try again and post a form below and, hopefully, I hope you all will put in your best email and name so that I can, at least, send a thank you note for helping to test it.

Happy days!!

Friday, 9 August 2013


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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I've found a great global concept!

I believe it will take the world by storm...

Imagine a GLOBAL MALL where we use the weight of our membership to get discounts; get instant cashback right onto our cards (end to the silly paper annotations or stamps that go missing and never claimed, end-of-year vouchers for only £7.00 that dictate what to buy!) and vouchers that are only valid for use in JUST ONE SHOP or a handful of shops! Imagine that cashback card is valid worldwide and in all shops...!!

This global concept would help small retailers and the masses worldwide safely ride out the recession and impending depression!

Imagine... making calls globally for free! Imagine being paid to use and share this apps... this apps that put money into your bank account! That is Flex apps!

Ladies and gentlemen, I've just found a great global concept!
It may well be part of the solution to the current global economic situation. Click here.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

It is official...I am now a Grandma!

Hey, I am back.
I took time out to be a grandma! Yes, it is official.

It is a rare experience awaiting the arrival of one's first grandchild. It was as if I had never experienced child birth...and I have had to go through it four times. Yes, four times as an African woman and with all the attendant dangers inherent in child birth in Africa!

It was an excruciating wait!
Waiting impatiently with the 'grandfather-to-be' for the phone call to indicate: She has arrived!. And it is the first time in my life of marriage that I experienced togetherness...

Let me end here, in celebration, with this video:

Happy Viewing!